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Final Draft

Final Draft is the top program for screenwriting. The tools and features handle the writing process for you, making the writing itch easier to scratch. So while the world might say you're mad for going into screenwriting, we want to fuel the crazy. 

Strategist: Andrew Tuchow
Art Director: Shifra Samuel


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Crazy is the blood that forms around each nail as you pull, pull, pull at the skin around it.
Crazy is locking yourself in your room for days with your phone turned off and your lights turned on through the night.
Crazy is all the untouched meals and the conversations left mid-sentence.
Crazy is the dark circles under your eyes and the greasy hair and the dirty clothes worn day after day.
Crazy is the crumpled up pieces of paper that litter your floor. The frantic tap tap tapping of the keyboard.
Crazy is being told by your family, by your friends, by yourself that you can’t, but refusing to quit.
Crazy is rejecting the odds which you know are stacked against you.
Crazy is finding the one thing you know to be true in a world full of gray and giving it life.
Crazy is a screenwriter.
Final Draft.
Fuel the crazy


Madness is necessary when it comes to creativity. But don't just take it from us. We're selling merchandise with famous quotes about the importance of madness so you can display your crazy loud and proud. 

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Our merch is also customizable. To all those people who call you insane for pursuing screenwriting, put their quote on a tote, a t-shirt or a mug as motivation to fuel your crazy. 

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Sometimes it's helpful for writers to set an alarm to remind them to get back to writing after taking a nap or a break. Our alarms will be voiced by some of the best screenwriters in the industry with real quotes to motivate you to get back to work. 

Audiences are harder to please if you’re just giving them effects, but they’re easy to please if it’s a good story. So get up and write one.
— Steven Spielberg


Sometimes you have to turn do-not-disturb on your phone so you can keep writing without interruptions. Our template responses let people know you're busy writing with messages that show a touch of your crazy. 

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